Frank and Beans
(music & lyrics: ricky wolking)

check out that badass mofo lincoln continental
gold grill gats diamonds on the dental
velvet seats sports the dashboard jesus
blowin’ speakers takin’ brothers to they kneeses
yo that’s the dude that asshole smashed his glasses
and after school he’s gonna kick our asses
ah man you sound like a little girl kiddo
surprise me you don’t get beat up by your shadow
I’m just saying he ain’t what he used to be (word)
That little twirp done & turned into a tree
Yeah, cooler things can come to those that overcome their woes
Like the day mikey stole his bike
He broke mikey’s nose

Franks and beans
I got your Food for thought

So as I step up to the mic I hear this little girl screamin’
Cutie tight bootie gats her tata’s beaming
She gats a tattoo, guess where it’s at
Oh shoot I know I already worked on that
As you ladle out the gravy can a brother get a bisquit
I sop it up like a dog on a trisquit
Hold up a minute, I know that chick, she’s scary dude
I hit it once, kick the chorus “I LOVE YOU”
That bitch is crazy, her macaroni’s wavy
She said she couldn’t now she’s having your baby
Oops… ya betta get a job
I’ll take a cheese burger with some fries pal

Franks and beans
I got your Food for thought

Yo Enrique’ que pasa enrique’ suave
Bust us et culo susio basso solo amigo… ariva
Ariva to to to ta

So come on and let me dottle with your earhole
To feel the boom I bump that knob on the stereo
Yo who dat lil girl with the kool-aid lips
Maybe she needs to take a ride in my spaceship
That’s just the thing that got you tore up in the first place (mama)
Now you buying houses for your ex and what’s his face
Yeah I know but I just wanted to chit chat
Ooh shit
Yeah it’s like that

Frank and beans
I got your food for thought