My Thingy
(music & lyrics: ricky wolking)

Sunlit lemon all across the sky
He flappeded that lip so I dotted that eye
Your mama called said you gotta go home – why?
I don’t even get to get a good kiss bye
My big head aches & my heart goes pow!
Whats it gonna take moo moo to milk your cow

I’m like a krispy kreme donut flake dancin’ on your chin
About an inch away from braggin’ rights and I’m comin’ in
I’m gonna gatcha
“ I ain’t scared”
Right back atcha

I know kung-fu dude but I won’t combat ya
Cause you is a classic
You’re fan fuckin tastic
The way you make my knees bounce around like theys elastic
Got a dent in my skull
My brain’s all swoll
But I’ll be taking shots for the end zone though

Say what
You make my thingy swell

Fly me a plane, put your name up on the sky
Crick your mama’s neck as she reads of you & I
Sending out the love that’s all I’ve been sayin’
The song keeps skipping but the band keeps playing
suzy yamagucci gots a real don Juan
she fills him up with sushi then goes on & on
I know what to do to get my mind off the blaster
Check me out –I’m Ace Frehley, lead guitar, but only faster

Say what
You make my thingy swell
You make my thingy swell

Yo homeslice, would you like some “h” to the 2 izzo
Fo sheasy my neasy