"Life Glossary"
by Zac Maloy

We all have a personal "life glossary" (words and phrases that define or go into defining who we are). At least, I think we do…I made that up…pretty good, huh? Throughout our lives, this glossary augments, shifts and evolves.

The last few years have been an amazing series of twists, curves, slips, jumps, blips, births and turns that have resulted in a new chapter (maybe a new volume) in the evolution of my own life glossary.

Here's a sample of words from "then" (but not exclusively "then"): sound check, meal buy, feedback, tour manager, business manager, personal manager, fire-your-manager, per diem, drop D, pre-production, mastering, publishing, pro-tools, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, verse, chorus…(sorry, got stuck in a pop song), bridge, throat coat, meet and greet, bass player, fire- your-bass-player, old bass player, new bass player, "anybody know a good bass player", guitar solo, drum solo, okay, okay…bass solo, how come I don't get a solo? Just to name a few. Here's a sampling of "now" (excuse me while I reveal my not so rockin' side): poopy diaper, diptets, epidural, Lamaze class, pre-school waiting list (really…), play-dough, Legos, Buzz Lightyear, breast-feeding (well, that one kinda works in both), car seat, booster seat, high chair, burp rag, goo-goo, ga-ga, phreueff-fro, da-ga…(wait, did he just say daddy?), video camera, digital camera, (wait, did he just drop the camera?), old camera, new camera, pacifier, night-night.

I feel lucky to have put together such a broad and sweeping glossary. People will tell you that you can't have certain things…that two polar opposite worlds couldn't possibility co-exist. I'll tell you that they're wrong. I've followed my heart and made a life of music and have recently added "family" to my world. Without sounding to epic/dramatic/ "Gene Hackman in Hoosiers" …do what you wanna do regardless of what anyone says .

Zac Maloy is best known as the singer/songwriter for MCA recording artist "The Nixons". He is a fun loving proud papa of two beautiful chitlins and a brand new bouncing baby solo CD, aptly titled "Life". Check him out at www.zacmaloy.com.

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