"Runway Valvesteam"
by Jennifer Batten

Once I was at an airport gate with the Beck band waiting for a plane and I was rumaging through my lap top for entertaining jpg’s to show them. I stumbled upon a sound wave of a fart sample and without thinking, pushed
play. Lo and behold my volume was on 10 and about 30 people looked at me melting in my seat. I couldn’t get to the volume control before the entire rather long fart sample had completed itself.

The lesson is: check your lap top volume before playing fart samples for the band.

Jennifer is one of the most talented musicians i have ever heard... her list of credits range from Michael Jackson, Brittany Spears, & The Jeff Beck band to my mom's personal favorite, The Steven Segal band. Her 3rd solo CD is due any day. www.batten.com www.farts.com



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